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Grape Cream Cake by Terpy Vibes

Grape Cream Cake is a tasty and potent indica hybrid created by crossing Ice Cream Cake x Grape Pie x Wedding Crasher. This cut by Terpy Vibes packs potent effects paired with a top shelf smoking experience.

Bag appeal is excellent on this batch of Grape Cream Cake. Tightly manicured buds are finger like and stacked to the max with hardly any visible sugar leaves or stem. A frosty layer of milky white resin engulfs the buds interior and exterior. The forest green buds have an abundance of short orange pistils. The buds are very dense without any give when squished between your fingers.

The terpene profile on this Grape Cream Cake is sweet and complex with this cut. Upon cracking open the jar you get notes of fresh cream, sweet grapes, funk, vanilla cake, spice and sweet diesel. The aromas blend perfectly giving you a really creamy and sweet profile that is sure to excite any cannabis connoisseur.

The smoke on this batch is smooth and flavourful. The joint burns slowly with a nice resin ring that builds upon the first couple of tokes. On the inhale you get sweet creamy hits that hint at grapes and funk. The exhale is earthy and spicy with a gassy undertone.

The effects are uplifting and cerebral to start. A mellow head high moves into a relaxing body buzz that keeps you relaxed without knockout you out. The effects are quite functional but will definitely keep you sedated with heavier doses. This strain is an excellent choice for afternoon and evenings. A good choice if you’re looking to relax and don’t have too much too do.

This batch of Grape Cream Cake is flavourful and boasts nice relaxing effects without a total knockout experience. Excellent batch by Terpy Vibes!


7 grams, 14 grams, 28 grams, 14 grams (smalls)


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