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Gorilla Glue Lemon Slushy

Gorilla Glue Lemon Slushy is a indica hybrid strain created by crossing Gorilla Glue x Lemon Slushy. This is an interesting and very successful cross that hits hard on potency and flavour. The Captain did a great job with this cut!

The buds have great bag appeal upon first glance. Bright green buds are coated inside and out with a thick layer of milky trichomes. Short orange hairs burst out between its crevices. The buds have an immaculate trim job that shows off its beauty. With a rock hard denseness while maintaining a nice stickiness, this bud is a top shelf example of what to expect from this strain.

The aromas are pretty spot on in translation to its name. A perfect mixture of classic gorilla glue aromas and a bright fruity lemon scent. You get notes of pine, diesel, musk, chocolate, lemon, spice and sweet candy when you put your nose to the jar.

The smoke is smooth on the inhale and expands nicely in the lungs. Each draw packs nice mellow flavours of pine, diesel and lemon. The joint burns slowly with a heavy oil ring. Excellent smoking sessions with this strain.

The effects on this GG Lemon Slushy are very calming to start. A euphoric head high that uplifts your mood as your eyes and body starts to feel a little heavy. Nice hybrid effects to start with a definite indica finish. Very nice choice for evening and night time use.

Excellent grab for any GG fans that enjoy a heavy sedated type stone. The bright lemon accent Lemon Slushy brings to the mix adds a perfect complement both to effects and flavours. Amazing job by Captains Pink!


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