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Gelonade by Green Camel

Gelonade is a beautiful Sativa hybrid created by crossing Gelato 41 x Lemon Tree strains. The result is a mouth puckering strain with big flavour and heavy, long lasting effects.

This batch by Green Camel has excellent bag appeal. When you crack open a jar of Gelonade the buds’ brightness really grabs your attention. Bright orange hairs are abundant on the lime green buds. Darker green sugar leaves at to the strains color palette. There is a milky, greasy layer of trichomes on the buds. Nice dense cure with some give when squished.

The aromas are bright and get you going when you take a big whiff of this Gelonade. Creamy gelato terps smack you in the face with a deep pungent funk. Fresh exotic fruit like mango and passion fruit come in and finishes with a tart lemon that makes your tongue curl. Amazing terpene profile on this batch of Gelonade.

The aromas translate beautifully over to the smoke. Smooth, creamy, clouds of smoke expands beautifully in the lungs. Big fruit flavour with a funky lemon overtone. Great tasting bud perfect to start your day with. The ash burns clean white/grey and there is a nice oil ring right away.

The effects are uplifting and a great example of a heavy hitting sativa. A euphoric head high eases into an uplifting and creative buzz. No burn out but definitely heavy effects. High dosage can notice a bit of indica qualities come through as well. Strong bud for sure.

This batch of Gelonade is super desirable for any cannabis connoisseur looking to add a reliably strong hitting sativa to their rotation!


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