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Gelatti by 39Green

Gelatti is a indica leaning hybrid created by Cookies by crossing Gelato x Biscotti. From its lineage you can expect big flavour and strong effects. If you’re a fan of Cookies genetics this is a must try!

Out of the bag, these nugs are perfectly trimmed, dense nugs with not a lot of give when squished. Mid green buds with dark green and purple sugar leaves are covered in a frosty layer of thrichomes. Bright amber hairs poke out from all over the buds structure.

The terpene profile is so unique and delicious smelling. It’s like walking into a fresh bakery mixed with gassy and fruity undertones. A satisfying musky funk is an overtone you smell every time you sniff this bud. The aromas we can pick out are spice, funk, cheese, pine, dough, cream, pine and a hint of citrus. An excellent and complex terpene profile that is sure to satisfy any true connoisseur.

The flavour on this smoke is out of this world. It tastes very similar to the way it smells and you get a nice melange of terps with every draw. The perfect cure allows for joints to burn slowly and evenly. The ash burns clean white and is a tell tale sign of the care put into the grow from seed to sale. The inhale is full dough and dank spice flavour. The exhale is a satisfying gassy, cheesy taste that lingers in your mouth well after the exhale.

The effects come on strong. Quickly giving you an uplifting and clear headed high. A slight body buzz hugs your whole body, nothing too intense. An excellent hybrid buzz that allows for functionality and creative thinking. Strong and potent effects satisfy you for a good 1.5-2 hours and you won’t need another joint.

An excellent crop from 39Green and is sure to be a go-to for those that love strains like gelato, biscotti, and any variation of cookies strains.


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