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LSO Frosted Fruit Cake by Headwater

Frosted Fruit Cake is a popular indica dominant hybrid created by crossing Fruity Pebbles x Wedding Cake strains. This batch of FFC by Headwater screams top shelf and will interest any true connoisseur!

Bag appeal is stunning with this Frosted Fruit Cake. Grown and cured to perfection this batch screams quality out of the jar. The bright olive green buds are littered with thin orange hairs and darker green sugar leaves. A thick layer of glistening white trichomes drench the buds inside and out. The sticky cure is snappy and the buds are quite dense with a bit of give when squished.

The terpene profile when you crack open the jar is what you’d expect from a top notch grower like Headwater. You’re instantly hit with loud and pungent aromas that cut right through everything. Loud notes of citrus, lemon pinesol, cream, funk, exotic fruit, vanilla cake, spice and a satisfying heavy gassiness that holds it all together. A very pronounced sharp citrus gas nose on this cut.

The smoke is as delicious as it smells. The joint burns evenly and slowly with a heavy resin ring and clean ash. Excellent quality cannabis with a perfect cure that billows thick smoke that is smooth and full of flavour. Big notes of funk, sweet fruit and cake on the inhale paired with a spicy and earthy gas finish that lingers in your mouth.

The effects are clean, potent and refreshing to start. Your mind is instantly eased and wiped of negativity while your body slowly builds a medium bodied buzz. Uplifting yet relaxing buzz that brightens up any mood. Excellent daytime choice for experienced smokers but would go well with relaxing activities at home in the evening.


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