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Frosted Fruit Cake #6 by Raincity Farms

Frosted Fruit Cake is a beautiful indica dominant strain created by crossing Fruity Pebbles x Wedding Cake strains. This FFC #6 pheno from Raincity slaps hard with great flavour and strong yet functional effects is a great pickup!

Bag appeal is excellent with this batch of FFC. Full spade shaped buds are glistening with a frosty layer of trichomes. The buds are light green in color with dull orange pistils. The cure is crispy and leaves the buds with a semi dense feel that breaks up easily between the fingers leaving a sticky grind ready to roll.

The aromas are heavy on the fruit and cake terps with this batch. When you crack open a jar of this FFC #6 you’re hit with pungent notes of vanilla cake, cookie dough, sweet gas, exotic fruit, sour citrus, funk and a overall sweet undertone that holds everything together perfectly. Very uplifting and beautiful smelling cannabis.

The smoke is flavourful and oh so smooth. Really big exotic fruit flavours mixed with a piney gas undertone. Very nice cake terps and a profound sweetness is present through the whole joint. Ash burns clean grey with a nice oil ring that builds instantly.

The effects come on quick on strong with this #6 pheno. Within a few puffs you’re uplifted and left with a scattered and unfocused mind. Mid way through the joint the relaxing indica qualities start kicking in and by the end you’re left in a sedated and relaxed state. No knockout or burnout with this strain just a clean uplifting and relaxing high that allows for functionality. Really nice and potent cut that pairs perfect with afternoon and early evening sessions.


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