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Frosted Fruit Cake #3 by Raincity Farms

Frosted Fruit Cake is a indica hybrid created by crossing Fruity Pebbles x Wedding Cake strains. This #3 pheno by Raincity Farms boasts big pungent flavour, immaculate buds and excellent terpene profile!

The bag appeal is top shelf with this batch of FFC. Big chunky buds are light olive green in colour and covered in a thick layer of frosty resin. Darker green sugar leaves along with bright orange hairs make up the buds beautiful look. The cure is perfect on this FFC and has a nice semi dense texture that allows for the buds to be squished and broken into a perfect grind by hand. The buds are very sticky from the resin that’s caked on.

The aromas are tantalizing with this FFC. Big fruity cake aromas as soon as you open the bag. Once you get a closer whiff you pick up notes of sweet exotic fruit, cake, spicy black pepper, pine, lemon, skunk and gas.

Complex and pungent terps from this batch that fills up any room you’re in.

Smoke is super smooth with medium bodied smoke. Sweet fruity gas inhale with a earthy cakey candy exhale. Ash burns clean white. A decent oil ring builds, the joint burns slowly and evenly through to the end.

The effects start with an invigorating head high that wipes away negativity, promotes giggles, munchies and is great for socializing. This bud makes you happy and is quite balanced. No burnout from this cut just a nice indica lean to finish. Perfect choice for afternoon and evening sessions.

This FFC #3 by Raincity Farms is a top shelf example of a strain a lot of growers are trying to nail. Great pickup for any connoisseur!


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