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LSO Fried Ice Cream by Headwater

Fried Ice Cream is a wonderful tasty hybrid created by crossing Deep Breath x Ice Cream Cake strains. This LSO batch by Headwater is mouthwatering in taste and aromas.

The bag appeal is excellent on this batch of Fried Ice Cream. Lime green buds have darker green sugar leaves and short straggly amber hairs. The buds are covered in a thick greasy layer of milky trichomes. The buds are caked heavily inside and out.

The terpene profile smacks you in the face and is very loud on this batch. When you put your nose to the jar you get notes of vanilla ice cream, funk, pine, gas, earth and a hint of citrus. Really big creamy gelato terps paired with a sweet gassy finish.

The smoke is heavy bodied with a creamy smoothness. Musky funk paired with sweet gelato terps come through nicely on the inhale. A sweet dank gas finish lingers in your mouth.

The effects come on quick and pack quite a punch. Within the first few puffs you feel an invigorating head high that isn’t too overwhelming. It eases into a mellow body buzz and leaves you in a muted focus perfect for relaxing or doing focused activities.

This batch of LSO Fried Ice Cream is so delicious in flavour and hits big on effects. Great pickup for anyone who’s a fan of Headwaters crops, this one won’t disappoint!


7 grams, 14 grams, 28 grams, 112 grams


  1. tyty777 (verified owner)

    Bag appeal is beautiful, and the smell is crazy! Enjoyed it heavily this evening, had it in a coconut cream hemp!
    4/5 Stars

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