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Jet Fuel Gelato X GMO

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First Class Funk by Unlicensed Producer

First Class Funk grown by Unlicensed Producer is an indica dominant hybrid created by crossing GMO x Jet Fuel Gelato strains. This cultivar shows amazing potential in the right growers hands and UP pays homage to it with this top shelf batch of First Class Funk!

The bag appeal on this FCF is absolutely first class as we’ve come to expect from Unlicensed Producer. Full, mature, developed dense nugs have a high end exotic look to them. It’s chunky bud structure is made of boulder like nugs that snap off the stems. Forest green buds have beautiful violet hues and dark purple sugar leaves running throughout. Light peach coloured hairs add to its exotic look. The buds are compact and dense with a bit of give when squished. The buds are absolutely caked in resin inside and out with a perfect cure ready for smoking!

The aromas are funky, sweet, sour, dank and pungent all in one package. The unique and complex flavour profile on this FCF shines through as soon as you crack open the jar and gets super loud once you start busting it up. Intense pungent notes of spice, funk, anise, garlic, sour lemon, fennel, jet fuel, vanilla ice cream and cookie dough. It’s heavy and dank aroma will keep you coming back to smell the jar!

The smoke tastes like it smells and is hard to distinguish any particular note. The mix of dank and funky aromas come through with each draw leaving you searching for an answer as to how this strain can taste so good!

The effects are well rounded and hit potently with this batch of First Class Funk. The high takes off initially with a head high that slows everything down and eases you into relaxation. Mind activity takes a back seat as a wave of sedation waves over your whole body. The high builds with time leaving you looking for munchies before dozing off. Really nice indica effects that are perfect to ending your night with!

This batch of First Class Funk is grown expertly and cured to perfection. A must try for any cannabis connoisseur looking for some of the best the market has to offer. Excellent batch of FCF by Unlicensed Producer!


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