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Dolato by Hierba

Dolato is a indica dominant hybrid created by crossing Do-Si-Dos x Gelato #41 strains. This batch of Dolato grown by Hierba checks all the boxes for top shelf bud and will be a treat for any connoisseur.

The bag appeal on this Dolato is beautiful. Chunky buds are stacked to the max with boulder like buds that make up the elongated nugs. The colour palette is beautiful. Deep purples mix with olive greens and long bright orange pistils. There is a shiny layer of white trichomes that glisten under the light. The buds have a super dense cure while maintaining a pleasing stickiness to them.

The terpene profile is pungent and funky with this Dolato. Big notes of funk, musk, berries, spice, dough, pine and a sweet kush undertone. The smell is so pungent and really punches through with this batch.

The smoke is flavourful as expected with the strains lineage. You get an earthy musky funk on the inhale with a spicy kush exhale. The ash burns clean with this batch and the joints burn slow. The cure is perfect on this batch and allows for big potent hits all the way through the joint.

The effects are relaxing and calming with this cut. An uplifting cerebral head high gets taken over by a warm indica buzz that mellows and relaxed. The high lasts a while and doesn’t have a knockout punch that puts you to bed. Really nice indica effects that allow you to enjoy the evening or night.

This batch of Dolato is an excellent offering from Hierba. Funky and potent hitting strain that boasts excellent visual qualities that make it a top shelf choice!


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