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Dirty ghetto kidz

Dirty Ghetto Kidz is an indica strain that will get the attention of anyone close enough to get a whiff or look of this beauty. Exotic gas is a perfect way to describe the combination of flavours and effects. The Captain did an excellent job with this run!

Amazing bag appeal when you crack open a jar of Dirty Ghetto Kidz. Dense buds have a bit of squish and are crispy to the touch. The cure on this batch is perfect. The buds are mid to dark green and completely covered in a thick layer of trichomes. Dark amber hairs are present throughout the bud as well as some purple hues. The bud structure is stacked and fair sized nugs make up the jar.

The aromas of classic dank OG hits you first followed by notes of pine, funk, earth, vanilla, spice and berry. Amazing flavour profile that makes your mouth water.

Light up a joint of this strain and you’ll get great exotic gas flavours upon your first toke. Strong OG profile with different notes lingering on your tongue with each draw. Beautiful spicy and hashy flavour on the exhale.

The effects come on surprisingly smooth with this strain. You’re eased into a mellow body buzz that relieves your aches and pains. Great choice for medical users looking for help with their symptoms. Your mind is left in a happy, stress free state. The high finishes with a heavier sedative state while allowing for a bit of functionality.

Roll up a big joint of this Dirty Ghetto Kidz and enjoy it on your evening and nights!


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