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Blue Sherbet by Captains Pink

Blue Sherbet is a deliciously potent indica created by crossing Blue Cookies x Sunset Sherbet. This cut by the Captain hits big on terps and effects!

The bag appeal is A+ with this Blue Sherbet. The buds are stacked with a chunky look. Absolutely caked in a layer of fuzzy cream coloured resin. The buds have a rock hard denseness while maintaining a perfectly sticky moisture level. Pale olive buds pair with dark green sugar leaves and rusty orange coloured pistils.

The terpene profile is super loud and will fill up any room you’re in with a sweet yet dank aroma. When you put your nose to this Blue Sherbet you get big notes of sweet blueberries, tangerines, skunk, vanilla cake, and a sweet gassy undertone. Absolutely invigorating aroma that keeps you smelling the jar a couple times before you even roll it!

The smoke is flavourful, creamy and potent with each draw. On the inhale sweet berries with a citrus tone and a subtle gassy skunk finish. Super satisfying smoke with bright fruity flavours.

The effects are quite relaxing and mellow with this strain. The high builds over a bit of time with this strain. What starts with an uplifting and euphoric head high transitions into pressure behind the eyes and a slight headband high. Your body gets super relaxed and a sedative kick settles you into a bliss. By the end you’re left in a relaxed and mellow couch lock state. Excellent for evenings and nights. Heavy potent effects on this Blue Sherbet by Captains Pink!


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