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Black Milk by Raincity Farms

Black Milk is a beautiful indica dominant strain created by crossing Jellybreath bx1 x Cherry Punch x Cereal Milk parents. This cut by Raincity Farms offers an excellent example of the potential this strain can have in the right hands.

The bag appeal is top shelf with this Black Milk by Raincity Farms. The mid and dark forest green buds have tons of dark purples hues that almost look black. Light orange hairs hug the buds from all over. The buds are semi-dense with a crispy cure to them. They can be crushed by hand into a sticky kief like mound. The buds have been very carefully handled and have full headed trichomes in tact.

The terpene profile on this Black Milk is fresh and complex. When you put your nose to the jar you get notes of sweet gas, cream, sour funk, exotic fruit and tart cherries. Very pleasing and smooth aromas that blend perfectly together.

The smoke is creamy and thick with each draw. The joint burns slow and has a thick resin ring almost instantly. Creamy potent hits all the way through with a pleasing hashy inhale mixed with sweet berries and a creamy gas finish. A very satisfying smoking experience with this strain.

The effects are uplifting and relaxing to start. A care free stone that leaves you happy and full if optimism. A warm indica buzz takes over that mellows you out into a light couch lock state. Limbs get a bit heavy and munchies ensue. Excellent choice for evening and night time sessions.

This batch of Black Milk by Raincity shows off how good this strain can truly be. Creamy, hashy and sweet flavours that keep you coming back hit after hit along with strong and clean effects make it a must have. Excellent job by Raincity!


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