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Black Icee by Poncho Farms

Black Icee from Poncho is an indica dominant strain created by crossing Cherry Icee x Rozé. This batch hits hard on potency and effects. Perfect for experienced smokers looking for hard hitting strains!

The bag appeal is quite impressive with this batch of Black Icee. Dense nugs are heavily stacked in spade shaped buds. The buds have been evidently handled with care. The frosted layer of trichomes have full heads still in tact and is a beauty under any zoom lens or microscope. These buds are light green with blue/black hues spread over the buds. Long and thin bright orange hairs caress the bud from its crevices.

The terpene profile is unique and satisfying for any seasoned smoker. The aromas when you crack open the jar is like sour cherries mixed with an earthy gas that lingers. The aromas are much more pronounced once it’s ground up. Big aromas of sweet cherry, spice, gas, cream, wood and earth.

The smoke is smooth and gives off no harshness. The flavour that comes through on the smoke is sweet berries and heavy gas. Very satisfying taste that lingers in your mouth. Different notes of spice, funk and pine come in and out as you’re smoking. The ash burns perfectly white and a mild oil ring forms within the first couple of puffs.

Effects from Black Icee are quite balanced to start. Brain scattering cerebral high lifts you off then calmly settles you down into a body buzz. The indica side of things takes over and you’re in a relaxed trance that allows of a bit of functionality. Watch your dosage as couch lock can happen quickly if larger amounts of this strain are used.

A great grow by Poncho Farms! Excellent grab for Indica smokers looking for a daytime or evening smoke.


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