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Big Eye Pink Tuna by Captains Pink

Big Eye Pink Tuna is a heavy hitting indica created by crossing Pink Kush x Tuna Kush strains. Both parents carry some heavyweight effects and this batch by the Captain is a top shelf example of this coveted indica!

The bag appeal on this batch is A+. The buds are cured to a rock hard denseness while maintaining a sticky and crispy texture. Mid to dark green buds are coated in a glistening layer of trichomes. Straggly rusty orange hairs poke out all over this buds chunky structure.

The aromas are deep and heavy with pink kush and rotting fish. When you crack open the jar you get a sharp pine mixed with a funky rotting fish scent. Hints of black pepper and spice come through with an earthy spiciness that holds it all together perfectly.

The smoke is potent and flavourful with each hit. You get peppery kush on the inhale and a skunky pink kush aftertaste. The joint burns super slow and evenly. Really dank bud that smokes like a dream.

The effects are heavy and narcotic like with this batch of Big Eye Pink Tuna. A quick euphoric head high that scatters your brain and leaves you drifting into space. Your body gets taken over by a heavy sedative high that leaves you useless in a couch lock state. Effects last quite long with this cut. Excellent heavy hitting batch by the Captain!


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