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Big Bagg from Maple Melts

Big Bagg is a potent and flavourful indica hybrid created by crossing Kush Mints x Grape Cream Cake. This batch by Maple Melts screams top shelf quality and will interest anyone that loves strong indica cuts!

The bag appeal on this Big Bagg cut by Maple Melts is absolutely stunning. Dark onset coloured buds are light to dark purple in colour with straggly orange pistils. Absolutely caked on with a heavy layer of greasy resin. The cure is perfect leaving the buds compact and super dense with a pleasing stickiness.

The nose on this Big Bagg will wake up your senses. Upon cracking open the jar you get notes of cream, grape soda, earth, musk, spice, garlic and a funky spicy mint undertone. Really unique and deep aromas with this Big Bagg. A must try for terp lovers. The flavour on this cut really is a standout for those that love creamy, funky, and stanky terps.

The smoke is uber smooth with this cut of Big Bagg. Maple Melts did an excellent job with this strain from start to finish because the smoking experience on this batch is absolutely fire. Very tasty to the end of the joint. You get creamy grape soda and funky garlic on the inhale. The exhale is an earthy spicy finish that has a kushy undertone. Super greasy resin ring builds within the first couple of draws.

The effects come on fast and quite smooth with Big Bagg. Instant relaxation and a cerebral high builds into a full body indica buzz. Nice pressure behind the eyes while a narcotic like high builds. Thoughts slow down and you’re freed from overthinking and negative vibes. A happy blissful state of relaxation is a great way to describe this experience. Evident cotton mouth and a case of the munchies even with moderate amounts. Very strong cannabis well suited for night sessions.

This batch of Big Bagg is highly recommended for indica lovers. Maple Melts did a killer job with this cut and looking forward to more great things from them!


7 grams, 14 grams, 14 grams (Smalls), 28 grams, 112 grams


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