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Banana Cream Pie by Captains Pink

Banana Cream Pie is an indica dominant strain created by crossing the delicious Banana OG x Cookies and Cream strains. The result from this batch by the Captain is insanely delicious and packs heavy effects!

Bag appeal on this Banana Cream Pie is top shelf and these indica buds have an exotic look to them. Full bodied buds have a chunky structure stacked to the max with dense nuggetry. The olive green buds blend with deep purples and greens to give the bud a beautiful and exotic look. A thick layer of greasy resin and orange hairs adds to the buds beauty.

The aromas are so delicious with this strain. When you crack open the jar you’re instantly hit with loud notes of sugary bananas, cream, funk, cookie dough, herbal, spice, pine and heavy diesel. It’s like a banana cream pie mixed with an earthy gassiness. So satisfying.

The smoke is flavourful, thick and potent with each draw. You get big banana OG flavour with heavy gas on the inhale with a pleasing creamy earthiness on the exhale. This is a perfect choice for evening and night time use.

The Captain doesn’t disappoint with this flavourful strain and delivers big on potency as well! The effects come on smooth and strong with this strain. You’re instantly wiped clean of negative thoughts and whirled into a super relaxed mind state. A sedative body high takes over and leaves you in a indica bliss. Excellent heavy handed effects with this batch of Banana Cream Pie!


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