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Banana Cake by Captains Pink

Banana Cake is an exciting indica hybrid created by crossing Banana OG x Cheese Cake strains. The result is a funky and delicious terpene profile paired with excellent mellow effects. This batch by the Captain boasts beautiful visuals and a great smoking experience.

The bag appeal is nice on this batch of Banana Cake. These buds look dank at first glance. Dark purple hues coupled with dark green sugar leaves and a layer of thick white and purple resin engulfs the buds full bodied structure. Short orange hairs burst out from the buds crevices. The buds have a dryer cure and are medium in density with a fair bit of give when squished.

The terpene profile with this is very nice if you’re into banana strains. Creamy dough mixed with sugary bananas and a dank fruit undertone. There is hints of black pepper in there as well. Very pleasing aromas.

The smoke is medium bodied and smooth. Nice hits of banana flavour on the inhale paired with a sweet creamy dough exhale.

The effects are quick acting with this Banana Cake. A creative head rush leaves you lifted and relaxed. The indica buzz takes over and you’re eased into relaxation. Limbs get a bit heavy and you’re left in a care free high that is perfect for taking it easy.

This Banana Cake is a perfect choice for evening smokes. It isn’t heavy enough for a k.o but will definitely leave you at ease and relaxed.


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