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Baklava by Green Camel

Another great grow from Green Camel! This batch of Baklava is clean, potent, and offers a delicious flavour profile. Baklava is a cross of Kosher Kush x Gelato strains. Old school smokers may remember kosher kush back in the days as one of the heavier indica smokes that had its run in popularity. Paired with its Gelato genetics, this strain is sure to be enjoyed by any cannabis lover.

Bag appeal is very nice on this batch of Baklava. Iced out, light and mid green buds make up the colour. Dark orange hairs fuzzy hairs that are prominent throughout the bud. The nugs are very dense and have been cured to a perfect moisture level. Very few leaves and stems on the trim job.

The smells are of strong bakery notes paired with dank gassy kush. When you really try to pick up the aromas from a jar of this Baklava you’re welcomed with notes of spice, berry, creamy dough, citrus, pine and skunk.

The flavour translates nicely over to the smoke. A nice mix of diesel and citrus paired with spicy herbs. The flavour is super creamy and the smoke is sweet and savoury.

Effects come on strong and this batch is definitely strong. It starts with a head rush that uplifts you and with a warm pressure that builds behind the eyes. The body buzz takes over and you’re set into a heavy couch lock state that is perfect for the end of a long day. Excellent night time weed and an excellent choice for any indica lover.


  1. madupuis187 (verified owner)

    LOUD ! CLEAN ! And POTENT AF !!!! Cant have enough

  2. madupuis187 (verified owner)

    LOUD ! CLEAN ! And POTENT AF !!!! Cant have enough !!!

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