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Applelicious #7 by Raincity Farms

Applelicious is a beautiful hybrid strain created by crossing Sour Apple x Pancakes strains. Excellent balanced indica effects and top shelf buds make up this #7 pheno from Raincity Farms.

Bag appeal is A+ with this batch of Applelicious. Dark green buds with tons of purple running through the bud. Prominent showing of dark orange hairs adds to the buds beauty. Nice foxtailing on these semi dense buds that have been handled with the utmost care. Full glistening heads drop off the designer buds. Cure is a bit dryer but the buds still have a pleasing stickiness to them.

The aromas are as expected with the name. Big apple flavour mixed with a gassy cakey undertone. When you grind up this Applelicious #7 you get big notes of citrus tang, sweet apples, vanilla cake, gas and spice. Excellent terpene profile that speaks loud once it’s grinded up.

The smoke is smooth and flavourful. Sweet and tangy apples on the inhale and a earthy gas finish. Perfect cure for smoking immediately without any further jar curing. The joints burn evenly with a clean white ash. A moderate resin ring builds.

The effects are quite invigorating to start. A nice relaxing cerebral head high that turns into a indica buzz that creeps in. The effects last quite long with this batch and is perfect for evening and night time use.

Excellent batch by Raincity Farms and is a great pickup for those looking for hard hitting and flavourful smoke.


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