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Applelicious #10 by Raincity Farms

Applelicious is a delicious indica hybrid created by crossing Sour Apple x Pancake strains. This Applelicious #10 pheno from Raincity Farms is a top shelf example of this strain. Excellent visuals, bud structure and strong effects paired with a delicious flavour profile on this cut.

The bag appeal is A+ on this batch of Applelicious. Truly top shelf looking buds that glisten out of the jar. Mid and dark green buds are mixed with deep dark purples. Bright orange pistils really pop out with its vibrant colour. The buds are semi-dense and have a perfect cure to them ready to smoke.

The aromas when you crack open the jar of Applelicious #10 are pine, tart apple, spice, gas, and sweet cake. Such a beautiful mix of aromas. When you grind up this Applelicious you really get strong notes of the sour apple, spice, liquorice, and gas.

The smoke is smooth and medium bodied. Nice flavours of fruit and gas come in on the inhale with a woody earthy exhale. Hints of vanilla cake come through on draws. Flavourful and burns evenly in joints with a nice oil ring. The ash burns clean light grey and white.

The effects start off quite heady and gives you an uplifting rush that lifts your mood. A relaxed and mild sedative kick mellows the high out. Very nice weekend and evening weed that keeps you happy and uplifted while providing relaxing qualities.


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