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Applelicious #8 by Raincity Farms

Applelicious is a delicious Indica hybrid strain created by crossing Sour Apple x Pancake strains. Applelicious #8 pheno from Raincity is another top shelf example of this strain.

Bag appeal on this Applelicious #8 is absolutely gorgeous. The buds are stacked to the max and have a full bodied chunky look. Super deep greens that almost look black mélanges with a palette of purples and lighter greens to give this bud an exotic and very special look. The buds have a crispy yet spongey cure to them.

The terpene profile on this batch is deep, pungent and herbal. This batch of Applelicious really emphasizes spicy herbal notes mixed with a fruity undertone. When you break up the nugs you get big notes of spice, pine, cream, funk, vanilla cake, sour apples and a sweet dank gas.

The smoke is flavourful and potent with this Applelicious. Each draw brings in beautiful fruity gas flavour with an earthy woody exhale. The ash burns clean white with a nice oil ring within the first few puffs.

The effects are quite balanced to start. Within a few puffs negativity is brushed away and a cerebral head high encourages sociability and creativity. A medium body buzz takes over leaving you with a long lasting buzz that doesn’t seem to quit.

Excellent batch of Applelicious by Raincity. Out of the 3 we’ve tried this one has the dankest profile. Perfect for gas lovers looking for a little flavour to add to their smoke.


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