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Animal mints is a tasty and potent strain created by crossing Animal Cookies x SinMint. The combination creates an irresistible terpene profile sure to catch anyone’s attention. 39Green did a banger job with this batch of Animal Mints killing it from the grow to the cure. The results speak for themselves.

The bag appeal on this batch of animal mints is out of this world. Medium sized, finger shaped buds are tightly packed and trimmed to perfection. You can appreciate the rock hard bud structure along with minimal stem. The purple and light green buds are covered in a glistening layer of full headed trichomes. Light orange hairs lightly scattered throughout the bud. Absolutely stunning visuals.

The aromas from this batch of Animal Mints is sweet and pungent with big creamy cookie aromas and finished with a dank mint like aroma. Put your nose to these buds and you get an array of scents. Notes of berry, spice, cream, dough, pungent diesel and mint.

The flavour is amazing on this smoke. Creamy fruitiness with a pungent gas inhale. A satisfying cookie dough and mint exhale make it easy to want to keep smoking this delicious strain. The cure is absolutely perfect and allows for a clean burning ash and big tokes to fill your lungs. The smoke is super smooth.

Effects come on quick with a euphoric head high that leaves you creative and energetic. It eases into a mellow indica body buzz without the couch lock. Still functional but you’ll want to relax and enjoy your high. An excellent choice for a heavy day time smoke or a nice way to start your evening.

Animal Mints by 39Green is some serious top shelf flower. Great cure and great flavour on this batch. Anyone who is able to grab some of this won’t be disappointed!


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