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#5 Orange Pink by Captains Pink

Orange Pink is a beautiful indica strain created by crossing Orange Bud x Pink Kush. This cut by CaptainsPink is a great offering for any indica lover!

The bag appeal is very nice on this batch of Orange Pink. The semi dense buds are round in shape and stacked to the max with minimal stem. The buds are trimmed perfectly showing off its true beauty. Forest green buds blend with lime greens and long straggly orange hairs. There is a greasy layer of milky white resin that engulfs the bud inside and out. Super caked bud.

The aromas are dank and citrusy with this strain. When you crack open the jar you instantly get notes of spice, pine, floral, citrus and gas. Excellent pink kush vibes paired with an accented citrus punch. Really nice nose with familiar dank kush aromas.

The smoke is just as you’d expect with this strain. Dank and citrusy as the name suggests. The smoke tastes like classic pink kush paired with a citrus exhale that lingers in your mouth. Excellent flavour profile on this strain that translates well to the smoke.

The effects are quite relaxing and sedative with this Orange Pink. Upon the first few puffs your mind is wiped clean of negative thoughts. A overwhelming body buzz takes over and leaves you in a heavy indica buzz. Munchies and a mild couch lock state ensues. Excellent for evenings and night time sessions.

Another killer Pink kush variant from the Captain! Excellent choice for fans of their indica offerings.


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