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33 Splitter by CleanerMeds

33 Splitter is a rare indica leaning hybrid created by crossing Gelatto 33 x Atom Splitter strains. This batch by CleanerMeds hits big in potency, flavour and visual appeal.

Bag appeal is great on this batch of 33 splitter. The buds are light green in colour and completely caked with a layer of greasy trichomes. Darker green sugar leaves and light orange hairs make up the buds’ look. The buds are dense and cured to a perfect snap off the break. They are super sticky still and have a nice moisture level closer to the stem maintaining a sticky spongey feel.

The aromas are pungent and loud with this batch of 33 Splitter. Loud gelato vibes with a spicy kush accent. You get more aromas of cream, sweet dough, spice, pine, vanilla, skunk and heavy diesel. Great terpene profile that will catch the attention of anyone nearby.

The smoke is super smooth and the ash burns ghost white. A heavy oil ring builds and the taste is amazing through a joint. The inhale is a sweet creamy dough with big gelato terps coming through on the exhale. You get hits of candy gas and funk along the way.

The effects are quite balanced to start with but ends with a pleasing heavy indica lean. Very relaxing strain and is perfect for evenings and nights. This batch by CleanerMeds is potent and shouldn’t be passed up by those looking for potent and flavourful bud.


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