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11 week pink by Captains Pink

Another amazing round of 11 week pink from Captainspink! This Pink Kush pheno packs a punch with its relaxing qualities and potent couch lock effects. An excellent choice for indica lovers looking for a strong dosing strain.

Semi-dense, tight, mature and perfectly manicured buds make up this batch of 11 week pink.

Bag appeal satisfies any kush lover with its deep dark green hues, caked frosty exterior and sparse dark orange hairs.

The aromas are sweet and danky. You get whiffs of different aromas every time you dive back into the jar with your nose. Beautiful notes of vanilla, berry, diesel, spice, skunk and floral. A great choice for those looking to Full flavour and strong effects leave you with a full body high that also eases the mind. Great choice for those looking for medicinal qualities from cannabis to alleviate aches, pains, insomnia, anxiety and stress.

An absolute banger and an excellent night time choice for any experienced smoker.smoke some of that classic OG flavour with some additional terps added in.

Smooth and potent smoke fills your lungs with this strain. The deeper into the session the easier it seems to be enjoyed. At first it is almost overwhelming how strong the effects come on.


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