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Rainbow Belt Smalls by Poncho Farms

Rainbow Belt is a bright and flavourful balanced hybrid created by crossing Zkittles (Z Terps) x Moonbow strains. This batch of smalls by Poncho is some fire smoke!

Bag appeal on this Rainbow Belt smalls is excellent. Tight and dense nugs are lime and mid green with very short amber hairs. The buds are covered in a frosty layer of trichomes. Fair sized smalls that have good stacking and a nice chunkiness.

The aromas are bright and fruity from this batch of Rainbow Belt. When you open the bag you get big fruit candy flavour mixed with a mellow gas undertone. Notes of sweet exotic fruit, limes, gas, and grape soda. Very satisfying fruity gassy terpene profile on this batch of Rainbow Belt.

The smoke is sweet, creamy and flavourful. Each draw brings in beautiful grape and lime flavours paired with a skunky gas that lingers in your mouth. Very nice smoking experience with this strain.

The effects are quite balanced to start and end with a indica lean. An uplifting euphoric head high that eases up with mild body buzz. Very nice relaxing and creative vibes with Rainbow Belts.

All in all a very high quality batch of smalls by Poncho farms. Good sized buds are immaculately trimmed and doesn’t hold back on quality in terms of terps or quality of smoke. Excellent batch of Rainbow Belts by Poncho.


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