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Camel Candeez by Green Camel

Whatever Green Camel throws out there is usually fire. This strain Camel Candeez can only hint that he may have created this cross and chosen pheno? This sticky, potent, fire as fuck bud is the type you don’t even need to know much detail about. The look and aromas are a dead giveaway to the high quality smoke you’re about to enjoy.

Bag appeal is top shelf with Camel Candeez. Long finger like buds are stacked with chunky perfectly manicured buds. Cured to a perfect stickiness these buds pass the “wall test”. Super sticky and dense buds are glistening with crystals. Light olive green buds have darker orange hairs and dark green sugar leaves. Beautiful flower.

The aromas are super loud and pronounced on this batch of Camel Candeez. As soon as you crack open the jar it fills the room you’re in. Deep notes of spicy herbs, candy gas, pine, liquorice and a hint of lemon pinesol. Deep dank flavours that make your tongue curl on the dry toke.

The smoke is super smooth and potent. Thick creamy hits off the joint and the smoke expands nicely in the lungs. No scratchiness or harshness just flavour and big time effects.

The effects are indica leaning without a doubt. Your mind is relaxed and eased into a care free state. No worries or negative thoughts to keep you down. Full body indica effects and a serious case of munchies with this strain.

This is some excellent flower and is best used evenings and nights. It’s potent and grown with expertise so you can expect a satisfying session everytime with this Camel Candeez!


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